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Why use nofollow?

After reading a few articles on nofollow and Pagerank I found out it is rather important to use nofollow on some things on your website. Why?

The mathematical equation to find out your Pagerank takes into consideration several things. Two of those things in less detail are inbound links and outbound links.

Not all links add up to the same value. Some links weigh more then others in the point system of PR. Anchortext plays a big part in this. We can talk about that some other time. For the purposes of this example I will keep it to inbound and outbound links.

Lets say the equations for ranking from a search engine is PR=I/O

PR = Page Ranking
I = Inbound
O = Outbound

*This is not the actual equation. My example is a crude, but it makes a point. To view the actual believed formula read the article from Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page's paper The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.*

Lets say Page Ranking was this easy. Without figuring out the math. You can tell that an excess amount of outbound links from your website or pages would hurt your ranking.

This is the very reason to use nofollow on those outbound links that give no value to your website.

My website comes up as #864 on the organic search for the keyword phrase "Where to link". Since reading about PageRank I made all links not part of content, blogroll, or reciprocal links "nofollow". This reduced my outbound likes by about 100 or so links. All this is in hopes of improving my organic ranking or PageRank. How much this will improve or if it will improve my ranking is unknown. I'll keep you informed of the results.

Probably the most common place to use nofollow is on the comments section of a site or blog. Why?

Let say your website is PR4. Each time someone posts a comment on your blog you give them a little link juice. Not a bad thing to an extent. When people abuse it we have to plug the hole.

I believe that too many outbound comments from lower PR pages will lower your PageRank. After all it is a outbound link on your site. Give the example earlier. Too many outbound links will reduce your PR. So if you are wondering why sites don't want to share the link juice that is why.

Not that I have any link juice, but I did remove the nofollow on my comments. I'll have to check and see if this a violation of blogger's rules, but for now comments are dofollow.

Hope everyone enjoyed the post. Thanks for visiting Where to Link.