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Authority Link
An Authority Link is your website link on an already trusted website. The key word here being trusted. Trusted means the search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Ask) has determined that the existing site is popular and has good CONTENT. A search engine sorts by Link Popularity for a given keyword or keyword phrase. Not to say you have to reach for the top, but it is a goal. Work your way down the list to determine who you could get to link your website. Learn more about Authority Links.

Where to link and how to get links. Some sites my charge a fee or they may like your CONTENT and link it for free. I like free! Ask them to link your website. They can only say no. Link exchange with that other site. You scratch my back I'll scratch yours. These type of links are not done by a program it usually involves direct contact with the webmaster via letter or email.

Directory Link
Directory link is a submission of your URL with a description to any number of directories to increase visibility to your website. The major search engines use directories to find webpages for keyword searches. This also creates inbound links to your website. Part of this process involves Deep linking.

Deep Linking involves submitting specific pages or a specific post on your blog to directories. Read the directory rules before posting. The rules may require only posting the home URL. When used correctly Deep Linking can be very effective in getting more traffic or higher ranking. Each page or post has a unique URL. Posting these unique URLs can give you an added edge on the competition. Keywords play a pivotal roll in everything from URL, CONTENT, and Directory Link descriptions. So ensure you are using keywords in everything. Each Blogspot post title is an extension of your home URL. Try it out. Click on Intro or Links on this page and look in the URL area on your browser. It is always good to have those keywords in your post titles, description, and anchor text. Choose your post and page title wisely so you can Deep Link the URL.

Where to link and how to get links. Submit to directories. Visit my directory list as a start. Do a search on a search engine to find more. During the submission process ensure you post in the most accurate directory for what your website is about. Submission amounts to filling out a few lines of data to include a description of your website. Some directories post it right away and some go through a review process, so check your email. Others require you to post a link on your website to be posted.

Reciprocal Link
A Reciprocal Link is an agreement between two webmasters to post each others links on their website. The real difference between Authority Links and Reciprocal links is that word trusted. Trusted does not really apply here. Meaning you are not dealing directly with the big boys. There are other webmasters like yourself that are just trying to build a link campaign to increase Link Popularity. Make sure the linked website has CONTENT significant or complementary to your website. It is not recommended to put links on your website that are not relevant to your CONTENT. Keep in mind these types of links require a backlink.

Where to link and how to get links. You get these from link exchange service and link exchange forums where you can trade with others. Services charge fees, so do your homework. Take a look at the Link Exchange and Services on my site, most are free.

One-Way Links
Probably one of the best types of links are One-Way links. These are links added to websites that point to your pages, but does not require a backlink. Search Engine spiders like to see these kind of links. Get enough of these and you can boost your pagerank significantly.

Where to link and how to get links. Social Bookmarking, Article Submission, and good CONTENT. Adding quality anchor text to these will work wonders.

More where to link methods
1. Post your URL on advertising websites. Kinda like directories, but it may only be advertised for 30 days. Take a look at the website rules before posting.
2. Leaving comments on articles, forums, and blogs that pertain to your website.
3. Submit your site on Group Discussion Websites related to your site.

Applying these basic techniques will improve your link popularity and ultimately get your pagerank higher. Learning where to link is an important process of search engine optimization that can not be overlooked. Running a quality link building or link campaign will increase your opportunity for success.