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nofollow or dofollow comment links

Comments are the links that you post on blogs, article, or some other content that has a comment section. A few things to consider while posting comments.

General Tips *Read the Article*
You can custom your name on most comments. Use a keyword this could help out the website you are posting on and by linking an anchor text for your site. You can always use your real name. The comment should be about the article or post content and not about off the wall stuff. Also make sure the website would complement your websites content. Use your URL in the comment section if there is not another place for it. Your comment could get deleted if you spam or post a negative comment. So choose your words so you don't offend.

This is a code in the HTML that allows spiders to see and follow the comment URL. The benefit of this is you get a link pointing directly to your website. These count toward link popularity and points for pagerank. Although you will not see these on Google for a "". Google will only show PageRank (PR) 4 or higher. I am still not convinced that they will only show PR4 or higher, but that is what my research suggests.

This is another code in the HTML text that says just that DO NOT follow the outbound link. How do you know if a site has nofollow on? My guess would be to do a quick view of the source code and search for nofollow. If they have this in relation to comments then this tells the spiders to skip over it.

Someone may want to use the nofollow term if they were getting spammed a lot. Blogging websites usually have a limit on the number of comments to prevent spamming. I am not sure how many people use the nofollow, but if I knew they had nofollow on comments chances are I would not post.